Eyebrow Odyssey

Eyebrow Odyssey

After my post on unruly eyebrows I got a number of different responses, some were helpful others I have tried, yet they were all very educational. What I learned that, while not many people seem to have it only on one side, it isn't at all that uncommon, and it happens with all hair types. In general most people seem to get by with something like NYX eyebrow shaper. And while it certainly works well for some of the most basic shaping needs, the soft wax that they use doesn't work for me.

After all of the information we exchanged I decided to share it here in my traditional chaotic fashion.

Simply Unruly

For simple unruly eyebrows you can get by with just about any product on the market. Products like the eyebrow shaper from NYX will work fine. Or you can use one of the many different gel options. I have used the Anastasia dipbrow with some success on my normal eyebrow.


  • Benefit Gimme Brow (for normal hair)
  • Benefit Speed Brow (for thick hair)
  • ABH Brow Wiz

Mildly Unruly

It isn't my place to say that this does not exist, I just think that it is really a minority.

While the following example will be anecdotal in nature and therefore negligible in value it does prove my point. Thus I am going to use it. See, that is what anecdotal. I have four siblings, all of them have some oddities in their eyebrows.

Only my sister and I have the biggest problems. We inherited my father's eyebrows. And on a man they are at most mildly unruly. My brothers are all more or less fine with that. Only my younger brother grooms his in any fashion, though once he is married I imagine him letting them go.

So with this anecdotal evidence you can see that if I was a guy my brows would fall into the simply unruly, and I wouldn't have this problem.

For women I think we only fall into two categories. Either we just have to wax them over and we're ready to go. Pluck her and there maybe, trim them into shape but life is easy. Or you have …

Majorly Unruly

Or as I like to call it the unholy terror. Mine are sort of in a category by themselves. It wouldn't be so bad but a number of different factors play in to the brow problem.

  1. Thin hair
  2. Bends that start at the roots
  3. Stubborn disposition

This leaves relatively few options for getting thing in order.


As I have mentioned before the options are few and far between. Some work, but are less than satisfactory. Others sort of work and sort of done and are also unsatisfactory. The one that I use saves me time and gives me the best results, but also leaves me unhappy.

For better or worse I have been shaving them down somewhat. I don't like this because it gives me this even look that leaves what I can only call stubble. It by itself looks absolutely terrible. And without any makeup is embarrassing.

Once I have airbrushed them they look normal and equal, but airbrushing every morning and cleaning the brush every day is something I could live without. Don't go without cleaning your airbrush!

As it stands the brushed brow has given me the best result thus far, note that I said best. Not the most satisfying.

If only there was a eyebrow straightener on the market.

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