Goodreads for Good Times

Goodreads for Good Times

I would be interested to know if you are taking part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and if so, what you have set out for a goal?

I never really have a lot of luck with the reading challenges. The reason I fail is because time is short and I end up miss hitting my goals. Or I find the material which was select lacking and since I have so little time I end up picking something up entirely different.

I am doing the challenge for the seventh time now, mainly to spur myself on a bit, but I have now had little time to read in January, and whenever a message appears and greets me with something like: "you are X books behind schedule," I get slightly nervous. 🙂

What surprises me about the challenge every year are the people who set their target at 1 book, and then successfully finish their challenge on the first or second of January. What's the point behind it? Why only 1 book, if you can tick this off on the very first day? Isn't the point of this challenge to push yourself a bit? Not that I have every completed a challenge but I feel like I need to do more than one book.

Some might need the motivation. If it helps motivate you go for it, however ridiculous it may be, also annoys me; That's why this year simply challenge set to three books and finished out. It isn't like I don't read enough anyway without having to be motivated by such a challenge; Also, I don't know what to seem pretentious; I have to constantly up my goal so that I am not ready after only a few months but it is easy to get behind when you have so many obligations.

Regardless, I actually like the idea of the challenge. It is a nice way to interact with other people that enjoy reading. But I think it's a shame when I read some really thick books and am therefore far behind my "goal." It is more important to me that I read regularly in everyday life rather than show off. And I see a lot of people doing that. It can be hard finding a nice balance though to complete the challenge. Yet, it really doesn't matter. If you like reading then it really doesn't matter how many books it will end up.

This year I have finished enough to not feel too behind at the moment. If I'm still good a month from now is another story.

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