Unruly – Renegade Eyebrows

Unruly – Renegade Eyebrows

You can see the chaos when you first meet me. No matter what you see, one of the first things that you will notice are my unruly eyebrows.

Here is the thing I have naturally curly hair which means that all of my hair tends to curl. Not just my head hair, though I would actually like it to be even curlier than it is now. But my eyebrows are the real source of my anxiety. I'm not sure if you can imagine this so I will describe my personal situation. Maybe you will be able to relate, or you will treat me like a reprobate.

Regardless, all of my eyebrow hairs on my left eyebrow grow straight, they look normal and I can manage them without much fuss. However, when you look at the other side, what you see is an unruly mess. The hair here loves to drive me mad because it will curl up and the results is that my eyebrow takes on the character of a mad professor.

I am neither mad, nor a professor if that is what you are thinking. Though my right eyebrow has driven me nutty for more years than I would like to count.

This isn't to say that you cannot fix them. You can shape them, though it is very hard and it does not tend to last a whole eight hour period without touch ups. Unruly brows tend to fall in the category of; thick, bushy, coarse, and un-kept. I've tried using all kinds of products and have actually run out of options since most of them fall into the aforementioned categories.

They are pretty thin which means my options are even more limited than others. What I have tried in the past is to trim them shorter, however, the problem arises at the root and get rid of the majority of curling what needs to come off and what is left looks more like stubble!

Right now I am airbrushing them on.

While this saves time though it isn't the most convenient method. I kinda wondered if you can get them chemically straightened but I have never looked into that.

Has anyone successfully dealt with this type of problem? I am open to any ideas.

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