This Years Summer Vacation

This Years Summer Vacation

Three words: Short, single, and summerly (is that a word?).

I haven't been in the position to take a trip with friends of SO in quite sometime. With our lives getting business. Weddings have been one of the few places I have an opportunity to connect with some now distant friends.

This year it looks like I will either be flying solo or skipping it all together. And honestly, the last option really doesn't feel much like an options since it is something that needs to be done for my sanity as well. But taking a trip by yourself is somehow seen as either; something guys do (not you) or risky (for a single woman). One question has been going through my head: why?

Why is it more risky for me to take a couple of days to get away than when a guy would do it?

It feels to me like a knee jerk reaction more than anything else.

For example the people who made these statements traveled abroad for a year in high school. Explain why that was not risky when going to the coast for a long weekend is.

The thing is that they can't offer anything but naive argumentation.

Should that change my plans?

No. Why would it?

The expectation from some that I need to defend my plans seems strange. At the same time it is interesting that it gets such a strong reaction from people; which forced me to reassess my opinion about them.

While I am not flying to some distant resort or taking a cruise I am going to be taking some time for myself this summer, regardless of what people think about me.

One thing is certain – it won't be spent on the sofa.

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