Learn to Make Do

Learn to Make Do

I think that it would be safe to say that I am a makeup junkie. No. That is a bit of an overstatement since I don't go into cosmetic withdraw.

My brother has claimed in the past that I he would sleep longer so that I had a chance make myself up in peace. The frightening thing: He could be right! But what he fails to mention when he brings the story up is that he still would have slept late, regardless.

Could I live without it?

Probably. But why would I want to?

So why do I make myself up?

Pro makeup – why I continue to use make up:

  • Small blemishes can be overlooked, especially on days when you don't feel so comfortable
  • Better first impression in the job
  • Out of habit
  • Because it's fun to adapt the makeup to the rest of the styling
  • Skin care (including peeling, creams, etc.) costs almost more time than makeup
  • No one sees pimples and skin blemishes
  • Makeup reduces stress and strengthens well-being
  • Improved appearance, e.g. eyes seem larger by mascara, although it may not be obvious to anyone (then you have done your job well).

Contra makeup – why you can do without makeup:

  • Because you get fewer wrinkles in old age
  • Women without makeup often have more self-awareness. (Gwyneth Paltrow, doesn't use make-up very often, for example.)
  • Better, healthier skin
  • Not to forget that women look good even without
  • The younger the woman, the thicker the makeup – so without appearing to be more mature
  • The rest of the world doesn't notice whether you wear mascara or not
  • You save yourself the money and can spend it on more facial care products
  • When you look in the mirror, you're more likely to see yourself for who you are

Who would have thought? A tie! For me personally, that means I will continue to use make-up, now and in the future. But morning stress because the make-up isn't perfect? Never again! Because I know it won't stand out to anyone anyway.

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