Saying Goodbye to My Trusty Steed

Saying Goodbye to My Trusty Steed

Changing cars for some is a difficult task. I am one of those people.

If you use something on a daily basis it becomes a part of your life. No matter how unsentimental you want to be, it is there and you have to acknowledge it in some fashion. My car holds that status in my life.

And I am in the process of looking for a new one.

The thought of exchanging something that has been there reliably for t last six years is a little hard to imagine but it is getting time to exchange.

One of the reasons for the change it due to the millage that I drive. I drive upwards of three hundred miles a week. That is a lot. Trust me. So the benefits of exchanging it for a new car are there.

The list that has been sitting on my kitchen table looks like this:

  1. The manufacturer's warranty
  2. Starting new, ie. 0ish miles – mine in comparison has driven more miles than I expected it to last. But then again I bought it used and the previous owner worked out all of the kinks that go along with buying new.
  3. Newest model features and niceties
  4. -High upfront cost of buying new
  5. -Depreciation. Though I really don't plan on re-selling the car so the depreciation aspect is less relevant to me.

My family has also been the type of car owner that takes good care of the vehicle with the expectation that it takes care of you. You can see from my experience that that is the case. But one thing we do is buy new or near new.

In this case I am looking at a new car. But my father usually looks around until he finds the model that he wants with the lowest possible mileage and is no old than one year. This way he gets the car at a depreciated price and it is still relatively new.

The biggest drawback is giving up my trusty steed. Even though I know it is time for him to be put out to pasture.

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