GoT Music?

GoT Music?

The German-Iranian film composer Ramin Djawadi has composed the score for Hollywood blockbusters such as "Iron Man" and "Battle of the Titans." Yet, he is famous for the score of "Game of Thrones." At his Santa Monica studio, he's working on the final season of the fantasy series:

"I looked at it first, as any viewer would for the first time, and I had my emotional 'up and down.' While watching the series, I immediately reflected on how I would underline it musically and what the score would look like. In fact I knew right away."

Djawadi was born in Duisburg, Germany to an Iranian father and a German mother. He studied at Berklee College of Music and then caught the attention of Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer. The music for "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Lion King," "Gladiator" and "Batman" are among his most famous works.

Zimmer recruited Ramin Djawadi and his career took off. He has now written over 100 soundtracks and film scores.

"Because I'm very concerned with the characters, I write from the heart. That way I really feel for them and it gets very emotional for me. Sometimes I have to take myself back and work for a moment on something else that's not that emotional and then come back to it. I think it's going to be very hard to say goodbye to the series."

Yes, even I have gotten swept up in finale frenzy.

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