Dawn’s Early Light

Dawn’s Early Light

Most mornings I find myself leaving before the sun is up. This is true in the winter months, but also for most of the year. Four AM is four AM regardless. And before I get into a self indulgent and begin discussing the perks of living closer to work I want to share an inspirational experience.

This morning as I was driving to work and it was a normal drive. But then, there was the most amazing sunrise I'vee seen in years. And things just started to fall into perspective.

Before you start nay saying, it is fair to say that I see this more often. That isn't the point that this post is supposed to make. The point is that you sometimes fail to appreciate the things you have. Being focused is great, it helps make the world go around, but it can also cause us to loose sight of the things that make up that one and same world.

I missed out on the chance for a beautiful photo since I am a strong opponent of using your phone while you are behind the wheel. Here is an estimate on USA Today's site (the data is from 2014, so five years old) that reports one from four accidents is caused by driver distraction. Distraction caused by their cellphone.

And it doesn't seem like that statistic is going down. I know that this is an anecdotal example, but you may be able to relate.

Regardless, you don't need pictures of everything. It gets frustrating when you go out with people and they are photographing absolutely everything and especially themselves.

The important part is to spend the time with the people you love.

Happy 4th of July.

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