April 26 is “Alien Day”

April 26 is “Alien Day”

The cult horror film "Alien" turns forty this year!

The 20th Century Fox film studio celebrates the "Alien Day" with fans on April 26 – the date is a reference to the planet LV-426 from the "Alien" movies.

Director Ridley Scott wanted to celebrate the 40th birthday along with the "alien" enthusiasts around the world:

Happy "Alien" Day! Thank you for being such loyal followers of our film for the past 40 years. Hard to believe we shot "Alien" in 1979. I want to hear from you about these celebrations. Uploads a short video or photo to social networks showing what "Alien" means to you.

From around the world, fans heeded the director's call. And it's all based on an idea from alien co-author and visual effects expert Dan O 'Bannon with his concept of the Xenomorph has taught generations to grimace.

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