A Royal Baby

A Royal Baby

The newest addition to the Royal Family is here: Duchess Meghan gives birth to a son! The couple shared the news on Instagram, the child was born in the early hours of the morning and weighs 7.3 pounds.

Prince Harry and Meghan's newborn baby lines up just after his father to the British throne and is now the seventh behind: Prince Charles (70) is still in the top spot followed by his the eldest son William, 36; Who is followed by his children George (5), Charlotte (4) and Louis (1) in third, fourth and fifth places. Prince Harry, 34, now ranks sixth, with his young son now seventh.

For many Britons (and Americans), the newborn is nevertheless high on the Royal Fan scale: After all, his father, Prince Harry, 34, is considered the most popular member of the royal family. Once the nation's problem child, he seems to be grown up since the wedding.

The baby literally puts the crown on all of that for him.

But I am curious how the small family present themselves to the public? Kate, 37, and William, 36, are said to be flawless with their three cute children – the perfect family.™ For some, this is a little too smooth and seen with suspicion. My mother hold that opinion.

Harry, on the other hand, has long been regarded as an enfant terrible (that is "terrifying child" in French) at the palace, with the public forgiving him for alcohol and cannabis stories, beating attacks and bizarre party appearances. Former actress Meghan Markle was nevertheless far from apt for many Royal fans: The bourgeois American (yay, we made it to the Royal Court) has been married before, she has African American roots, and relatives are constantly coming forward in the Gossip press to speak out about her and make the 37-year-old look bad.

Meghan is sometimes treated unfairly in the British press, but that could be said about Kate, too. William Hanson, a royal expert from London, said, "Meghan, however, has more often violated the courtly protocol. But it has improved-and it has never been terrible. "

For many fans, Meghan's entry into the Royal Family has been a breath of fresh air to the monarchy.

What I love about Meghan is that in her marriage vow she promised no obedience. If you follow Royal Weddings this is out of character for the brides. Since the acclaimed wedding she has been marketed as the modern face of the Royal Family and a feminist. She also showed off with a round baby bump during public appearances with bare shoulders and darkly lacquered fingernails while Kate made few appearance and was hardly been seen late in her pregnancies.

As recently as February, Meghan had written encouraging messages for prostitutes on bananas during a visit to an aid organization.

For me she is an inspirational person and I am happy for the couple.

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